• Ellis Unchained

You’re Staying

Demon, oh demon, you found me, crawled into my vessel as a child.

You mocked me and plagued my thoughts for decades.

Evil spirit, you danced and trampled my heart, like the African plains, dry, it burnt.

The stampede of a million wildebeest, the hurt.

You hoodwinked me, into thinking kindness meant violence, my main spirit, incoherent.

Axes and bullets rain down, my psyche bolts awake.

Demon, oh demon, you really fucked up now, you’re crawling away, I think not.

You’re staying put, you will sit in peace and watch.

I’ll drag you back, now you can suffer in my love, until my days are done.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020

16/06/2020 Picture Prompt Found: Dark Poetry Society https://www.facebook.com/groups/342703652580471/

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