• Ellis Unchained

Worlds Apart, Tied by Heart

Contemplation of emancipation, I am free but trapped, as the creature of the safari, until they stumble upon the fence.

Dictators, manipulators, corporations selling dreams, my thoughts are past the clouds now, I think I’ve lost the receipt.

Effigies of tribe’s men, the magicians and doctors of the forest, a way for many years untouched, I’d join you on a whim.

My balance is of difficulty, amongst the man moulded ridges, they are unpredictable, chaotic, problematic, and steep.

My Journey has halted, the reason I see, a brick wall, take it down, brick by brick or maybe I’ll go around, though I cannot see the edge.

Concrete jungles that surround us, crushing like the pressure of the ocean, forcing life from our bodies,

then diluted into sea.

A red kite in spirit, the pins are emerging from the down, nearly time to spread those wings and truly start to exist.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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