• Ellis Unchained

Where the Hell is Hell!

The dales rolling hills of greenery and wonder for miles and miles.

Cavities and shafts that lead to catacombs, on the surface we look down.

Height fear washes away with the waterfall that cascades the sides.

The power within, strokes the whole body in one motion, the unknown resides.

Within the earth’s crust, the soundless sound caresses your ossicle,

A symphony, even Mozart could not replicate, a call to live or decimate.

This new feeling of calm, clears the mind, exploring becomes symbolical.

The urge emerges, go deeper, keep going, against the dark obstacle.

Subterranean realms provide tests of courage and overcoming trepidation.

The gaps become inches; we can do it if the babe can arrive.

Do not go backwards, the unknown is marvellous, resist the temptation,

Discovery is why we are here, the deep so magical, in the depths, the mind thrives.

On the surface, tribulation is alive, down here, calm will set in, we will survive.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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