• Ellis Unchained


Wow, it has barely been a week, Macy D’s trash already painting the streets, reversal I see.

The litter starts to pile once again, chippie wrappers fly on by, as do our dreams.

Economy tit for tat, here you go one hundred billion, the pound has a split, it is starting to sink.

We will pay it back with liquidity, so puppeteers do not scrape their hull.

Co co crazy coherent puppets, here is the cliff, please do not jump!

Scared of Covid-19, what about the carcinogenic food, pollution and all the above.

Under full control, countries are accidentally invading others, while assuring it was a mistake.

The wool has grown to our eyes now, the Chinese and Indians are having a brawl, I smell war.

The masses are drooling over retail, all I need is a hug and freedom from a system mug.

Let me be and live in the woods.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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