• Ellis Unchained


A Swedish Beauty was mine, never belonged to me, she was free.

From the front, her contours of bliss excited me.

From the rear, her large trunk, wow, oh my.

Her purr begins to break, more money she takes.

I leave her behind and move on.

Now from Tokyo with love, so divine, her shape stole my mind.

Her intelligence amazed, as I gazed over her exterior,

My heart desired the ride.

Jealousy attempted to hurt her, but her skin was hard as a dragon’s,

Her premature death, came from lack of attention.

Finally, I met her, the American, world ties, a little rough on the eye.

An older lady, had taken care of herself on the inside.

Well-travelled but kept her miles low, true wisdom.

I’ll cherish her forever, take care of all her needs, I question my judgment?

I should have had, an old Ford from the start!

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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