• Ellis Unchained

Unbolt the BoltHole

Where you want to be, inside, outside maybe,

Possibly silk hills rolling on lands of altruism,

Here, it’s there, travel with optimism.

Leaves sit on a branch, cold sets, gold avalanche,

Fluttered with others when the season prompted arrival,

It settles now, distinction, life’s survival.

Up beyond in space, stars glow, reveal their face,

Illuminating dark, to continue exploration,

Havens to view, they show in population.

Troubling times form in a second, pulling us from refuge,

Comfort surrounds in rest, castaway those doubts,

Peace, human rights, love and care, wherever their whereabouts.

Surroundings to be where you feel at ease,

We create, unlock these fields of safety,

a place of great fellowship so stately,

surely only spread in a coherent breeze. By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2021


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