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Top Of The Corona Pop's 20 - 1 By Kirk

At Number 20 social activities have ceased it's Peter And The Test Tube Babies with "Banned From The Pubs"

Flights and ferries are cancelled at number 19 it's Madonna with "Holiday"

In at 18 freedom has been taken it's Iron Maiden with "The prisoner"

Number 17 the situation is grim it's the Blue Oyster Cult with "Don't Fear The Reaper"

You'll be left on your own with number 16 it's Bananarama with "Cruel Summer"

Clubs are closed and the streets are empty at 15 it's The Specials with "Ghost Town"

Number 14 lives have altered drastically it's Disturbed with "Land Of Confusion"

Will normality ever return it's Duran, Duran at 13 with "Ordinary World"

At Number 12 The population is getting smaller, its Queen with "Another One Bites The Dust"

He's back but which one is he at number 11 it's Alice Cooper with " The Man Behind The Mask"

In at Number 10 it's a fare bet that you will its Gerry and the Pacemakers with "You'll Never Walk Alone"

Number 9 there isn't that many it's Pink Floyd with "Is There Anybody Out There ?"

At Number 8 ironically the Police will be watching you with "Every Breath You Take"

You may need gloves and sanitizer with Number 7 it's MC Hammer with "U Can't Touch This"

He thought you was his friend but nobody can help at Number 6 it's Black Sabbath with "Paranoid"

Something is threatening mankind but I think that's the government at Number 5 it's "Virus" by Iron Maiden

In at 4 We'll keep on fighting till the end it's Queen with "We Are The Champions"

At Number 3 on your trial again are the Police with "Don't Stand So Close To Me" or anyone else for that matter

Number 2 I think Ben E King will be afraid to "Stand By Me"

And for all you solitary brothers and sisters out there it's Seal at Number 1 with "Killer"

By Kirk

Published on All Poetry


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