• Ellis Unchained

To the Edge and Back By Daniel Kay

I could see the end, it was so near, It was quite peaceful; I had no fear. I tried to open my mouth, but my words never came, All those around looked concerned and kept calling my name.

I tried to answer but no one heard, I saw something overhead resembling a bird. I soon recognised it was an angel, but he was not the one calling, I saw a light I could not reach, why was I stalling?

I felt a shock, and the light was gone, I opened my eyes and saw everyone. I tried to tell them what I had just seen, They all smiled at me, not wanting to be mean.

I had one foot on earth and the other in glory, How would I ever get anyone to believe my story. But I knew in my heart there was something more, I’m no longer worried to go where I’ve never gone before.

©Daniel Kay

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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