• Ellis Unchained

Tinted Windows

A bed of nails, the pinnacle of uncomfortable, lying punctured and bruised as thoughts of investigating the truth, no one believes, until the anger sets in.

Ear infections are spread by ludicrous messages entering the canal, sending the neurons into fits within the brain, do you feel that tightness again.

That dumb looking mother fudger, spreading nonsense about the epidemic, from behind his tiny desk, pushing for a hasty sell off of the NHS.

Whilst the decoy is in place, he’s pushing for the final quarter to be flogged, while the working-class fight like silly children, the act of push and pull.

Health insurance will be a must if you like to pop them pills, universal credits is a wage now, so you’ll have to pay, be careful and save.

4th of July, Independence Day, ironically for the UK, the day we can go back to the pub and destroy our liver day. America’s last laugh day.

I quoted several months ago, be aware of the monetary system, they need more oldies to go, so we can get rid of the paper they fought for.

Australia’s contactless payment, now at two hundred dollars, the UK’s is slowly creeping up, shops shouting, we do not accept your paper money.

The end of the right to a jury trial has been suggested, massive cuts to the judicial system, human rights you may be losing, is Hunger games a true story?

Twenty Indian soldiers killed, in a fist fight with the Chinese at the border, Indian military have allowed weapons again, china is setting up.

While the epidemic continues, distraction from all above and much more, the damage has been done, while the tinted protective screens have been installed.

While these times have been a misery for most, the slippery sadistic serpents have been capitalising, from the depths of hell.

The con men are not only at the top, they walk amongst normal ladies and men, beware good people, Make up your own minds.

Don’t get left behind, actually do, it’s quite fun, when you don’t trust a word anyone on the TV says, they are just puppets, with a power-hungry hand shoved up their bum.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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