• Ellis Unchained

Thirteen Miles of Home

Skyline’ majestic notion, to upsurge the pivotal star.

Bleeding blush from the neck of the sky,

She cuts through the wires of the grand piano.

Procreate, silhouettes of the horse join the eyeline.

Chained, standing proud amidst calmness.

“I’ll return one day, beasts, promise”.

The waters movement paralyzed, emitting mist.

Evaporation, geographic release of waters retention.

Mutual offerings to withered and dry.

Fixed creature, iced, turns to feature, warmed with jitters.

Squirrels heroic pose for survival, bow the head.

Dispersing innocent fear.

A scene of beauty, awakes drake’s serenity, he meditates,

Squints Peacefully, illuminating iridescent,

Cosmic grain for his soul’s complexion.

Contours now differ, broadening as did the days horizon.

The goose extends a warning, reply with ease.

Mutual respect much needed, animal instinct agreed.

13 miles later, enchanted by mother nature.

I am Home.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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