• Ellis Unchained

Thirteen Miles Beyond

Pursuing the furnace in the heavens, searing lapis lazuli, tinting with carmine.

Clouds dissipate with unconscious emotions they slip away, the feeling divine.

Antithesis in choice, energies pull the other way, I do not resist, the universe at play.

The bun settles in the kiln for sable to return, I keep moving my spirit shines as day.

Tree’s now settle from the dance of day, resting, shining from the light it retains,

Movements becomes ghostly, the minds keep stays focused on beauty it maintains.

The journey so far as presented a fox, it stops the emerald glow from her eyes fills mine,

The lofty bats mesmerize as they dance, the echolocation to my ears, I see through my time.

From the beginning there was light now we are in the dark, balance sails to mind.

A journey is a journey. Enchanted by mother’s shadow.

Thirteen miles beyond.

I’m still home.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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