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The virus in time, frosted with economy

Hi Good people, chaos has descended upon the world. For, in my opinion, not much more than a cold. Over the last month, I’ve been thinking and conducting research into the origins of the virus. On my way, I initially struggled to find the beginning, until I dug a little deeper, which led me to this article. It’s like a cake with the main ingredients being the virus with undertones of the economy.

Let’s start with the mainstream scientists contradicting themselves, telling us that viruses are living, maybe not living, (they either are or they’re not). In mainstream science, there are criteria to meet for a living organism. The only characteristic of it living is its ability multiply not reproduce. Mainstream scientists over the years pick and choose the rigidity of their information to suite, especially with viruses. There is much controversy and secrets surrounding many of the strains created. The experts, I repeat, the experts, have left the origin of viruses open for more than debate. It’s open for research as all the ideas are only hypothesis, not yet even theories... yet, we still take this as gospel. One of hypothesis is that viruses evolve with the host. This is documented with Zero evidence. The original virus was known as a bacteriophage. Its roll in nature was to eliminate and control the population of bacteria (which make us sick). Bacteriophage was used to treat illness, until, I’m guessing it fell into the wrong hands (Money).

A scientist named Ernest Hanbury Hankin released a statement along with his research in 1896. It stated that cholera could be eliminated by simply boiling the water. It was also stated that a virus present in the water prevents the outbreak out of Cholera. This research had been ongoing for several years. Ernest made the situation comforting and was studying the natural ways of these organisms. Around this time, there was another scientist by the name of Adolf Mayer, who was desperately trying to save the tobacco trade from a plant virus. This led to him extracting the virus from the plant (Ring the alarm). Adolf was apparently the pioneer in the virus and poor Ernest was labelled overzealous (as is anyone with a passion that goes against mainstream Science).

The virus had been around for many years and used even before it was fully understood. Good old Great Britain was one of the first countries to use a virus as a weapon on a large scale, by introducing smallpox to the native Americans. The evidence was sketchy until they used the same tactic to infect the natives of Australia, the aboriginal community. Between 1763 and 1789 Britain infected 2 separate countries and tore them apart for financial gains. Another virus, a form of herpes known as the Epstein–Barr virus, which had mild symptoms for Europeans but deadly effects for Africans. This reduced immunity against malaria (malaria was the reason HIV was supposedly accidently created). This virus was created by a fellow named Sir Michael Anthony Epstein. I Sure hope this article is making you feel patriotic!

From the brief information provided on the virus, here’s the seasoning. As we are now aware, the virus was developed and evolved by man and used for bad along with good. This leads me to the last global recession of 2009. Beginning January in this year, with Israel invading Palestine. If you keep up with world news, this has been happening recently too. Again, in January, the Bitcoin network was created (which made some rich people even richer). There is a lot of activity amongst banks and financial services in crypto at this current time. Still in the month of January 2009, 23rd to be exact, Britain enters a recession, good old bank of England. At this moment we are being encouraged to spend and borrow money as interest rates have been slashed, anyone received any credit card offers lately? The big boys have liquidity problems. Debt and spending give them their liquid. Moving on to February, there were devastating bush fires in Australia… which, you guessed it, has also happened recently. Now for the best of all, March 28th, the swine flu epidemic, H1N1. Oh my! The financial system and monetary system roughly run on a 10-year cycle. Are the elites using detailed business models which run in 10-year cycles? Can we really sit here today and think all these situations were planned, day by day? Think of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royal families. Imagine how long their plans must be. Elites were behind slavery, modern day slavery, tax and paper money. Rome wasn’t built in a day and history repeats itself. Plato once said, ‘everything is there to be improved’. This, I believe, is applicable to good or bad. Always read between the lines, be free and question everything. Hope you enjoy the read, love and peace.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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