• Ellis Unchained

The Symptom Forest

The forest, impossible to be explored, trunks that interweaved, unrivalled pressure.

Constricting each other, capable of suffocating vines for pleasure.

The earth, they are born from dry and volatile, no life within, only the Fraxinella,

Bringing forth fires from hell, smelting life’s factual treasure.

Smoke twists and bellows from the crevices of entanglement, the heat exudes.

Curly oak, gas plant, your caged in bars of hate and desire, where is the fire?

This mirage I perceive is the prize of a closed mind, I now know what is real.

I lift my somatic arms and crash them on the field of force.

I begin to wail, my mind is already open, a whisper from vibrating energy.

Human form is easily fooled, the physical realm is but a dream.

I close my eyes, disconnect from the matter of science, connect with the matter unknown.

Dark matter it’s called, to divert from the thought.

I conjure the dark edge of insanity, an axe to chop I wield, I’ll force my way inside.

Please, it whispers, I’ll leave you empty, hush, the axe is all you need.

Looking back at my vessel, it convulses as the axe crashes with the barrier,

The forest laughs, your fuel is anger, I realise I’m fighting fire with fire.

I talk within and repeat, to penetrate this iron cloak, this is no task for force.

Something is preventing me, I get knotted as I turn.

The roots of the forest grow from my physical form, embedded into the truth that’s born,

The attachment of attachments poisons the mind.

There are so many eyes to see another, one I found I closed another, relief washes me.

The fingers of the rhizome slip from my soul.

The realisation from relief, the levels of mystery are to behold, over time,

In good time, I’m going to visit them all.

The battle axe swiftly melts away, I move forward with grace, collaborating with photons,

Now in the centre, the tree weeps, don’t leave, I’m all you’ve seen.

Great forest, you’ve fit your purpose, I have more to see, burning bush, I created you.

Tree, I did so you, burn your last great fire, peace you shall now bring.

Black rain of ash now settles to the ground, a colossus patch of emptiness,

to which I see fit to grow and sing.

Anger, attachments, the chasing of imprisoned souls, will not be allowed to grow.

The things that weakened me, are now only nutrition for pure growth.

A sanctuary of balance and love, for all to come and go, even for a moment of peace.

A glow placed within, come back to recharge at will.

A forest of new untangled, decluttered, a place to leave behind manufactured emotion.

From the material realm, the new forest will take care of them.

Negativity is now allowed, as we know trees of true reality, nourish the balance.

Dark Coal for the light, to illuminate a path to new paradigms.

There are plenty of blankets in these woods, made of comfort and hope.

If only for a while, it’s better than none.

One for all, all for one, even if your forest of anguish is overgrown.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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