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The Steadfast Love in My Life © Gary Shulman

So many poems have been written About that partner in life we choose That lifelong hero who has your back With whom each night you snooze

So here I go, another attempt to sing the praises and sometimes the blues Of my dear and steadfast partner Should I fail in this quest, please excuse!

When early on in partner bliss All goosebumps and limerence galore With hugs and kisses in ample amounts Then perhaps a roll on the floor!

Then passion comes in a moderate dose As years traverse our lives And friendship, grows while trust grows too Together we both survive

Through joys and pain Through sickness and good health Together we challenge them all Sometime with massive success indeed Sometimes a tumultuous fall

Love deepens, transforms, like a caterpillar Morphing into a butterfly It burns much deeper and brighter It can sometimes make you cry

For life brings joy and heartache Sometimes it rains and rains But there’s always hope for tomorrow When your love in life remains

Together we’ve seen the ups and downs Sometimes it’s been a very slow crawl Together we’ll conquer whatever comes As they say love conquers them all

Now living life together In the Winter of our years Still occasional sorrow Still occasional tears

Together we shall always be Sharing small pleasures and daily delights A morning coffee with home baked muffins Still sharing these simple sights

Each shared event more joyous Each shared delight more immense For each shared daily pleasure With love is more intense

There remains many more pleasures to come I well expect there’ll be more strife But always shared with my steadfast partner The forever love in my life Gary Shulman, MS. Ed. July 3, 2021 garyshulman.jimdofree.com

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