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The speed camera... David (The People) and Goliath (The Council)

Hi fellow beings, hope you are well. The article for today, I think will be of interest to many as it was for me when Staffordshire council backed me into a corner… sorry I mean Staffordshire road safety partnership in association with Staffordshire council, they get a little cross if you call them the council. One day feeling free and content (even with the chaos of the world) a letter from Staffordshire police dropped on the door matt telling me I had allegedly been speeding 39mph in a 30mph zone. My motto is, even sheep rebel if poked for too long, from my discovery and experience this is all these authorities do is poke and the good people of our nation (Not the likes of Boris and Andrew) you know who I mean taxpayers, nurses, firemen etc., need to stop rolling over. The dog descends from the wolf, they wouldn't rollover. My journey exposing the LTI 20 20 ULTRALYTE 1000 LASER DEVICE for the bear trap it is, we all know how inhumane bear traps are and the people who set them. From my experience and a tip, I would like to share first is never plead guilty until you have seen the evidence. Anything could have happened from mistaken identity or a mass of errors which is most likely the case, from the council… Yeehaw.

It all started with a phone call to my accusers, Staffordshire police. I proceeded by politely telling them they've made a mistake and that I would like to plead not guilty. The kind lady starts to advise me how difficult it would be, it would probably be easier if I pay the fine, funds for the authorities and do the course, funds for the police (quite a clever business model). After the great advice the police receptionist gave, I continued with my questions about how I go forward with pleading not guilty and what the process would be from there. I was then put through to Staffordshire safer roads partnership. Whilst talking to this organisation, it started to smell a little fishy so I decided to do some research.

First thing I decided to do was request all the evidence they had on the case. They sent me a picture of the alleged offence, which was obstructed by a bin lorry. This caused me concern, also the target landed on a shiny black part to the right of my number plate (black absorbs colour.) As an ex infantry soldier, I've gathered enough knowledge on laser sights and their never-ending problems and need for constant calibration. My research led me to the manufacturer manual, something the home office will use to decide if it's an even playing ground for sister organisations to convict people of crimes etc. To my surprise, it was a company titled TELE-TRAFFIC UK. This company was owned by a fellow who was investigated by the daily mail, which led to him being exposed as a con man, thinking it was ok to trap people for financial gains. This made me understand why the council and the director had such a great relationship. In my mind, I needed to speak to TELE TRAFFIC for some answers. To my surprise, they had gone bump, this multimillion-pound a year business disappeared. I am now feeling super suspicious. I contacted the liquidation company for more information. They were extremely helpful and sent me a letter for the court, giving them permission to request what I wanted (I was happy enough with that outcome). I then found the real manual from the American company which was three times the number of pages and contained a lot of crucial information to maintain high accuracy which was missing from the doctored version from TELE-TRAFFIC. So I made a phone call to the safer roads team once again, and spoke to a camera technician who was trained by tele-traffic UK. He proceeded to tell me, "I can bang out a set up in 10 minutes"… (Oh no you can't!) Little did he know, I already knew it only took him 10 minutes from the times on the evidence I had already gathered.

The evidence I collected, not only proved my innocence, it proved how corrupt and immoral the speed traps are. 1 in 6 people are wrongly convicted for speeding offences. Warwickshire Safer roads work to targets, back around 2006 their target was set at 80,000. They only achieved 60,000 so if my math is correct, that would make around 10,000 people wrongly convicted. That's a lot of income for nothing. These organisations around the world want everything for nothing, their biggest tool is fear. From my experiences with authorities, there’s not a lot to fear, the fear comes only if you believe it. I don't believe it. Don't let them keep drip drying us of our rights and freedom.

To this end ladies and gentlemen, I do not condone dangerous driving. I do, however believe in justice and truth. The information I have provided in this article is merely the tip of the iceberg. If you would like more information, contact me.

Love and peace

Ellis Unchained

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