• Ellis Unchained

The Periodic Shake-Up

What a load of croc shit, to prepare us for a great reset,

We haven’t been sick with fever, but with fear.

No more cash will soon be on us, our every move will be tagged,

As the cows from the heard, through their ear.

Cattle we are to the ones who cause animosity,

They are the greatest threat here.

The only difference I see between us and cattle,

The cows stick together.

Let us not forget we all have warriors deep inside,

The media, the subliminal, have our warriors in a cage.

We do not have anything to fear,

In the end, we all die.

It’s not screens and masks that have kept us safe,

It’s a natural animal instinct to survive.

I’ll wear a mask and play along sometimes,

As I respect everyone’s views

To that end, love and be kind,

And one last thing, the royal family is useless and fudge BBC news.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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