• Ellis Unchained

The Paladins

The guardians of our reality, gifted in all shapes and sizes

Misshapen patchwork they still fit nicely

The comfort they create swaddles you tightly

The protector frequency vibrates neutral

Received to you from their sonar

Sent to you from afar, Even from the iron bars

Environments aren’t vital, their smiles will infect you.

Illuminate you to safety

Soul full of meaning, Shi tzu running while dreaming

The back steps on your path made you rightly

From only knowing a short story

We know you’ve already saved many

From the crust to the heaven

My bet, you will not recycle

Your spirit will levitate, break the cycle

Beyond mountains through galaxies

Vessel no longer needed

Ultimate freedom to choose realities.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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