• Ellis Unchained

The Machine Grinds to a Halt…

Slowly the chip replaces motion,

Tomorrow shall give no devotion,

Outcast, man now has no trade,

Perpetually hates, the future he made,

Thirst for greed the chip gets respect,

Horrors and nightmares follow next,

Evil and negativity triumph over food,

Mindless retribution becoming the mood,

Incited by the leaders of no heart,

Clearly, the public unable to take part,

Rigorously testing human, mammal and beast,

Outcasts searching…searching, for a feast,

Citizenship challenged by the pot belled elite,

Hatred and battle they may now have to meet,

Ingredients of the apocalypse standing bold,

Put to the test NOW consider yourselves told.

Colin Bird. Work of ColinBird©2021

Colin Birds': Spirit Besides Me

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