• Ellis Unchained

The Light Nurse For Broken Souls

Speckle frog, when I first saw you, darkness had began to consume my thoughts,

The heron was me.

Unfortunately, I was just a boy, disguised as a grown up, fighting in pubs with grown men,

Theoretically they too, were only children of the misery sea.

The beast inside, my speckle smacked the on the nose, to keep the wildling,

From breaking free.

Your picturesque book cover, what first attracted me, pollen from the orchard,

From flower to the bee.

When I read the book, although I couldn’t really read, jumbled words showed me,

Your bravery and kindness, true love, I now feel.

You minded your siblings at a tender age, your autopilot for preserving life, I was amazed.

You then chose to do the same for me.

I struggled, my self-worth surfaced for only you, child minding, from one to me.

Now for our own children, I’ll repay, now be free!

The oblivion in my mind, chaotic thoughts of death and retribution, your enveloping mist,

Soothed me, selfish to think you were only sent for me.

I don’t kneel for any entity, though for you I would bow, on all fours so you can sit on my back,

I’d crawl this earth for your comfort, you are sublime.

My back has broken many times, bones strengthen and knit, in patience and time.

Now I can lift the many, no need to pay a dime.

My angel, our sweet Jadey, sent from the valleys. You pieced my fragments together,

from ten thousand directions.

A master puzzle, you completed, just in time.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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