• Ellis Unchained

The Dogs Spoils of War

Belly down in the sand, the warmth penetrates my Ubac,

Strangely Cool from the clear open sky, the Stars so beautiful, no time to gaze.

A klick beyond, snaps, and cracks, like whips breaking atoms, ring out.

A vision through night vision, bullets glow emerald, a sight to behold.

Our safety, a claymore, little less than a hundred yards, barbwire and 2 rifles we guard.

Trained for what seemed a lifetime for slaughter, my kill switch now engaged.

Patrolling on foot in searing terrain, the core of the universe melts us,

Moistening rocks from sweat of our souls, noise pollution from the warriors’ growl.

I kneel by a stream, water, a pleasant sight to see, my awakening starts to evolve.

A child bounds up to me, a cheeky little fellow, brings some joy, thank you little friend.

I gave him a M16 muzzle cover, he was delighted and stuck it on my friends SA80,

It was stuck, he was elated, we laughed as my buddy panics trying to remove.

Language barriers no problem for me, it’s the connection of souls.

Now I see the rabbit hole, I start the descent, stopped by a call, I.E.D on a friendly call sign.

A decision from a so-called leader, five of us now left alone, to face the innocent enemy,

Thankfully, they never arrived, probably something to do with the, not so equal force flying in the sky.

Washing day is upon me, I need some fresh clothes, two washing machines between a battalion,

I’ll just use my hands and a bowl, a sickening boom shaking my core and shivering my soul.

Now an American in pieces, the golden hour, I hope he survived,

Now for honor we gift the afghani’s head, back to the brother in a sharps box, I was horrified.

Time has slowed hugely, the heat beginning to cool, or are we becoming climatised to the scorch.

The death becomes no bother, to this end another brother takes a round to the head.

The same section goes again, another headshot from miles away.

A human sacrifice to flush the mercenary out, we succeed, another family without a son.

The morale in lashkar Gah was nonexistent, chatter between friends almost gone. If we had problems,

Ask the Fish, he’ll know, full of kindness and wisdom, one man with rank I truly loved.

Taken away from us, his wife, and children, I cry flooding tears, I can only think, why?

I cannot take it anymore, all those crimes, deaths, and lies.

Now soldiers being led astray, head shed made it uncomfortable from day one,

The CO had a sadistic way, punishing men in many ways, it all became too much.

He started punishing men for getting unwell, although it was the time of year.

We were briefed about this, but he was too almighty to attend, probably eating cheese and pickle,

With his knob, I mean noble friends.

It was my time for punishment, for not doing as I was told, funnily enough, I was carrying out tasks,

From another order, from another rank, a fool, a mix up, but his tiny gnat balls chocked him.

He saluted and bowed, I told him rip those papers up, I’m appealing, tell the CO I disagree.

It doesn’t work like that, we normally take it on the chin, I respond, not me! We will see.

I showed the battalion what he was about, you probably guessed, now I’m the black sheep.

I’m standing for justice and what’s right, to help protect the dogs of war and everyone lost.

Even the enemy, so called, I proceed to ask the forbidden question, why are we here?

I was met with resistance, no answer, now all I want is home.

Propaganda and lack of education is what got me there, that’s why my medals have been thrown,

The start of a process, to regenerate my gong and soul.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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