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The Devil and the NHS

Morning Animals, creatures, humans and the self-entitled. Today I’ve completed some research that I became interested in, back in 2016. I wasn’t in a very good place, luckily for me, my nose for sniffing out bull and baddies were on point, thanks to my issues and top-notch programming from the British Army. We were trained to observe and read situations, most lads in the infantry lacked openness and did not realise the severity of what they were being taught, or the consequences upon leaving the army. We were in a constant state of autopilot (Infantry, the sacrificial dogs). We could sniff out bad guys from a mile away. Funnily enough, I could never smell the enemy, I could only smell us.

I’ve been researching this issue for a while now. I’ve only decided to write about it today as I don’t pay too much mind to snowflakes, overly consumed western problems but, it gives me no pleasure to see them melt. Richard Branson, (Virgin) the geezer with all the cash, made the world think he was legendary with his public stunts and ostentatious displays of wealth, he was loved! Has everyone forgot the techniques for promoting and imitating an ‘I really care’ attitude. Mr Johnson pulled the same stunts, when he was being greased up for his current position. Funnily enough, once the contracts are signed, the angel masks come off. Who’s that shady bloke who had a private island again? Seems anyone with a private island is overly tilted towards personal gain. Who’s that chick with stacks of islands. Whose family tree runs with blood of innocent people… slips my mind!

Lost myself again, anyway! In 2010 Virgin Health Care owned by your protector, SIR BRANSTON Chunky pickle. He moved his new beloved cash cow, Virgin health care into the NHS. Building up through several years, virgin had won over 2 billion pounds worth of contracts. Remember, this is only virgin, not including the numerous other private companies pursuing our NHS’s contracts. The experts who bring us to our knees with numbers, reported last year, the NHS needed around 4 billion, there’s half of it. Since 2016, Virgin Health care have been requesting and demanding substantial amounts of money and made legal challenges due to Clinical commissioning group issues. This has bought many of the public sectors to their knees. It’s just not within their budget or power as working class people running a Poo show and fighting a billionaire while keeping you all full of medication. Helping people is awesome, doing it in the devil’s playground, is not. This is just one issue Virgin have created.

Now get your pipes and get ready to smoke this. In 2018/2019, THREE QUARTERS! THREE QUARTERS of contracts were awarded to non-NHS organisations. While the NHS is being Executed, The Trump kicks the back door off, the pig is hungry! He provided the new extravagantly priced beds, in line with Virgins prices, the multi-million-pound breathing apparatus. The very machine only used by half of patients emitted with breathing difficulties, as reports show that most people responded better to noninvasive intervention. Now they are sending 10,000 more. Here is a quote from a professor of intensive care medicine at University College London.

“Governments had to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.”

From an expert who gets paid a fortune and has the power to turn the economy upside down with his words, I’d like a better quote than that. If this overqualified puppet, thinks I’m gullible enough to believe that truth simply falls in the middle, he is sadly mistaken. Truth is truth, donkey Phallus!

Now the problem is, these private sectors are now providing their own doctors and nurses. Eventually NHS staff will have to jump ship. You may get paid more; I can assure you, if this is the case, colleagues will lose their jobs in order to balance books and the NHS will become further over loaded, just like America. If you can’t afford to cut the line, you will have to wait. Another interesting fact, while the government have been toying with the NHS, the private sectors have been non profitable. I assure you that the likes of Branson, Trump and their investors, i.e. politicians, public figures, so on, are not going to stay nonprofit for long. The Switch is carried out behind major distractions, like the one that they are quickly sweeping under the carpet as we speak, so that we can get back to spending our precious time on the, instead of our beautiful planet. All whilst assuring us, over the years that they will not be privatising the NHS.

Unfortunately, good folks of the, not so Great Britain, prepare for this and get ready to pay for health insurance or be left behind. I believe, deep in my heart that the sadistic powers that be are getting you to clap as a bid farewell to the NHS. Funnily enough, when world war 2 ended, the big pharmaceutical companies really started to thrive from the spoils of war. Ironically, this was also the time that the NHS was created and since then we have had epidemics and more war. To that end, we have missed around 5 decades of clapping. Soon there will be nothing left to clap for because we stood and clapped. Capitalism is Now! This has been written in tears from me and blood from the people!

** UPDATE: Since the completion of this article, completely by chance, I came across this add on MSN news from a company called, Our Healthcare: ‘Avoid NHS Waiting Lists with Private Health Insurance from £14.64 Per Month!’ Just a little more food for thought.

Love and peace

Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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