• Ellis Unchained

Tangible Game of Thrones

Possibly upon us, a new world order, a sunflower blossoming to show the inner,

It stretches back to old laws, the ones at the pinnacle, they abide and die by.

Illegitimate the case put forward; an entity awaits in shadow, seeds lay dormant,

Palaces sleep empty with renovation, splitting organisations, turmoil and retribution.

Out of one’s mind while planets align, while events on track, meandering as time.

The line stops before full circle, presented to us, an oxbow lake, a mark in history.

Games of thrones are played, battles between roses are maintained,

To most these affairs are a whimsical story, born from yesterday’s mysteries.

The lands have been softened for new roots to grow, for a base of establishment.

The blood of the Pearl falcon may evaporate and rise, possibly causing rain.

The make up of most stories, is a mixology of truths, lies and tales,

This is a beautiful time in the inevitable history to see how this chapter unfolds.

Headdresses exchange as flames extinguish,

New flames before your eyes.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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