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“Sieg Heil!”, Queen Liz By The Revolt Poet

Which name is the bigger myth or mysticism

Is it United Kingdom

Or Great Britain?

Because that misinformation starts at the beginning

Of life for every child with the misfortune to originate

From this nation.

You’re brought up

And taught

To call a newsagents “the Paki Shop”,

Listening to your grandad bemoaning

“Coons” and “Wogs”,

With that upbringing, what hope have you got?

Even the progressive idols do a shitty job –

The Attlee Government called the Windrush

An “incursion” in public docs.

Today, statues are being protected to preserve a past

Of the bloodshed and enslavement

That funded out ruling class

A woke royal family? Don’t make me laugh.

The crown jewels were stolen from India,

Don’t you see?

They never report that fact on the BBC.

Do you know someone else

Who valued romantic history?

Adolf Hitler, remember,

Rhineland and Juden-ry

And don’t you think this world immune, a different reality

“Stop prattling on, it’s 2020”

Because the Equality Act

Is performative, if that

And a centuries old caste system

Is preserved and backed

By big business, oil, profitability that

Still relies on the purported fact

That a racial other exists.

A million dead Iraqis called,

They want their lives back,

Their liberation, white saviourdom,

The Crusades renamed is all this is.

For that “one family”

Referenced in verse three

Of that propaganda anthem

“God Save the Queen”

Is a demand to bow to English hegemony

For only then, can “men”

These “brothers” be,

For your difference & diversity

Is actually your savagery.

After all, if they thought “British”

Was a positive trait for us,

Then why does the sixth verse talk of rebellious Scots to crush?

And why was Blacks’ Britannica banned?

Because colonial enslavement is slight of hand.

Gentrification is now at hand,

To achieve Powell’s aims of “reclaiming our land”

Through legitimate capitalist projects,

The grand,

The spectacle,

The respectable

Hostile environment of the people.

After all British citizenship

Wasn’t really worth shit

Because there was still shit

Posted through your letterboxes

And of course the police did so much

To crack down on this.

Now we’re told

The Home Secretary’s policies can’t be racist

Because she claims to have been called

A racial slur as a kid.

The Nazi salutes

We see on Trafalgar Square

Are the natural progressions

Of generations being taught not to care

For one another.

And that the Queen is not a tyrant

But the nation’s grandmother,

Its simple:

To say the British Empire was a force for good,

Is “Sieg Heil, Queen Elizabeth!”, if understood.

By The Revolt Poet


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