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Season's Greetings

The day is dawning folks, 25th of December. I do really hope everyone has a very merry day, on the other hand, I wish everyone in the world a very merry day, 365 days a year. Imagine a world where everyone who feels in high spirits at Christmas time could feel that way all year round. A fantasy that one day could be reality!

So now for a little history on the famous 25th day of December. Centuries ago, across most regions the winter solstice was celebrated. The Germans back in the 15th century also believed Odin flew across the skies and watched people, deciding to whom he would grant prosperity, in the form of successful farming and good health (not material possessions). The Christmas we know today gained traction with the clash of many cultures from around the world. Christmas prevailed!

The point of my brief history lesson is that Christmas was created (taking nothing from the birth of baby Jesus.) So, if the holidays are causing you to feel stressed, low or anxious, just remember, this event is not compulsory. If you love the time, great! Do what you enjoy and what makes your heart dance, but please, if the heart stops dancing, rethink the situation. Social pressure is a thorn in our society, don’t let society burden you. If you do feel compelled towards the holiday spirit, why not get creative, expand your mind, dance and laugh. It will all be over soon (until next year.) Enjoy and peace.

By Ellis Unchained

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