• Ellis Unchained

Rights Running Dry!

Skies are clear, clouds will shuttle across doors of space,

The heat of the sun magnifies through panes placed over our heads.

The heaven only appears clear as our rights evaporate,

They are dispersing with zero grace.

Pharmaceutical’s perpetual printing of wealth,

They need us alive, but borderline dead.

My heart has broken in two from this notion,

But hangs with the might of my soul’s thread.

I could cry a million gallons an hour, a recipe for a flood,

This is not the case for that which burns us.

As I dry the tears that come in contact with my face,

A hydrant of love, frantically I chase.

Critters of the rat race we used to be fierce and bold,

Now we have become weak in the mind,

Our work, and livelihoods are being taken away,

They are throwing us in a pool of dread.

The rat catchers and liars who drown us at will,

They have accumulated all the bread.

They know we are tired of keeping afloat,

Only crumbs they will throw when they need us again.

Only coherence of real people will end this constricting show,

It saddens me to think that our own show of freedom,

And production of togetherness,

Will go without trace.

They are laughing at us whilst we cower,

V my fictional hero if only you were real.

A slither of hope would smash the crushing glass,

The fresh air to fill our lungs, we would surely embrace.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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