• Ellis Unchained

Recycling Champions

The child with no food always shares.

Smiles around people with good intentions.

Releasing karma through suffering while surviving.

The man with no legs walks many roads,

With clarity, clear perspective, vigor, and hope.

The man with all four limbs drags himself down only one.

The abused remain strong, strengthening with each day,

Awesome outlook of life, while the comfortable melt,

Over the material world.

Trauma Victims will hide, eventually they break through,

blackened blankets to shine through, their light illuminates the world.

Suffering ignites fires, strengthening the soul.

Be thoughtful, be mindful, be thankful for those living the opposite life.

So majorities can be at ease, and the universe will not stand still.

True compassion will lead us all through.

When you think the world is against you,

Think of all above.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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