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Philosophy is dying, critical thinking from the philosopher does not create value.

It strips power from the powerful.

One great philosopher unfairly tried, came from the bottom, joined wars,

For whom he ceased to believe, yet still they succeed.

If you believe google’s skewwhiff take on history, from those that keep us inline,

Naive daydream, springs to mind.

Astrology being driven to extinction, so we don’t think past our tiny solar system,

And question the bull of today.

Ironically, another philosopher, a cosmological genius, Giordano Bruno, excited, enlightened,

Rushed to tell Clement the VIII’s Henchmen the news.

Why did they banish and torture him, try to make him repent his beliefs and theories?

Now they teach what he was writing, and they watched him burn.

The corporation who murdered and spread lies, travelled the world, forcing their ways.

We believed them and still they exist today.

Study from books and material that are not mainstream, investigate, compare both sides,

Validate your point of view, don’t allow half-truths to do it for you.

Drink a glass of purified water, stop choking on the partisan, drench the mouth,

Stop spitting feathers, nonsense dries it out.

The greats, trying to set minds free, or possibly just bring balance.

Now there is more bad than good, demonic interference.

The bad guys still running this show, who taught you how to be, with work and single-minded education,

They shackle, while breathing hell fire into our souls.

Reincarnation of Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Samson, Moses and Socrates, would be a lot to hold.

Religions divided these, I believe they would have been best buddies.

They sent messages of love and freedom, to assimilate with the universe,

Now they are used as tools, in sadistic control methods.

As so well said by Mr Marley,

How long shall they kill our prophets, of love, peace and freedom?

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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