• Ellis Unchained

Pot of Life

Hey, little prat, stop climbing on that bench, it’s a war memorial.

My old man died for that, for you to be free.

Hey, big twat, what else should I do? Those that sent your dad to war,

have taken all from me, too many restrictions, you see.

Ok little twat, show your respects, remember their trauma,

when they were sent.

Ok, big prat, I understand, I’ll just sit here in Ponderland,

What good did it do us, in the end?

Little brother, listen up, men are cruel, deceitful, power-hungry shits,

Be respectful, hardworking and never give in to it.

Ok big brother, I was listening, now you listen to me.

You forgot love and caring, things that make us tick and be.

The brothers each smile and agree,

Ideas together, in a life mixing pot degree.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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