• Ellis Unchained

Perpetual Balance and Love

A magical Struggle of a day, of a different sort, whispers from my heart, be kind to yourself,

Be humane, the growth will never dissipate.

My gauntlet of fortitude, I choose to pass by the morning exercise and meditation to witness,

The evolution from the normal day to day.

Exactly eight in the evening, the routine nearly slips, from the strength, begin, arms reach up, lightning strikes, energy in array.

The vessel of earth, shakes, the hearts beat stays in rhythm, perpendicular with heavenly skies, I leave the plain for a moment, spirits, many a rainbow dance before my eyes.

Introspection begins, it starts uneasy, joints exuding pain from the day’s occurrences, balance within melts the pang away.

Tranquility achieved, love now spilling from eyes, it can’t stop, it’s in abundance, share it with kin or project to anyone with thoughts, they are in your heart.

Feel being elated, sit on the ground, connect with hydrogen and carbon bound planet, nature will not steal the energy, it will collaborate.

Peridot orbs illuminate the joining stars, descended to join the manifestation of power that we all possess, when the mind has opened.

Sitting in the moisture, unprecedented number of lives, the grass, true innocents gather at once,

the birds, the insects, true purity of life.

Today’s novel reminds me, woke consciousness should spread balance and love, bring like-minded people together, demonic interference will run. By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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