• Ellis Unchained

Otherworldly Theft

Day evolves to night, a child’s eyes held tight.

Tremors from the cerebellum,

Through the kaleidoscope with smite.

The monkey swinging humpty dumpty,

Avoiding the shadow in the corner,

Peace welcome instead of fear.

Waving to waxing, obstacles and objecting.

The ape, the raven blanket, bring comfort,

What core values are they detecting.

The pressure, the rope of the animation,

Segments increase, thoughts decrease,

The reversal of emancipation.

Great forest matures when left unappeased.

The kaleidoscope, the monkey, the shadows,

They all disappeared.

Battle commences through glass, with the lost.

Victorious Velvet cut from the same cloth,

Who won, only the ghost. Hidden warriors, combat in vain,

the battle rages on now, through sand,

Destruction in hand, heart searing in pain.

Onyx tumbling into black, the kaleidoscope returns,

Bringing souls to their knees, except one.

They Wail, revolt, refusing to be ceased.

A welcoming sight, it has been too long,

The monkey and the shadow are heard.

The whole spectrum at last returns.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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