• Ellis Unchained

Ones of Angels, Some of Demons

We see evil faces, their mug shots look the same, dark crevasses for eyes,

Soul black as a universal void, they all mingle, now dispersing to hide.

Humans of love and care, project smiles when they are sullen,

Or down, their true nature flutters from their eyes.

Smiles pulled tight, puckered evil lips; the evil exudes from their jaws.

How much innocence have they consumed?

Positivity radiates from the wrinkles of a kind face, an energy to behold,

Infectious portrait pictures tell a tale of love for all.

We see demons on the TV, a shadow cloaks their face, they lie and lie,

We spot from miles away, all the way to private islands.

A face of truthfulness, care, and compassion, becomes engulfed in light,

One man stands out, he is from a small Caribbean island.

The profile, of one tells a million and one stories, ones of love and devotion,

While others leave you with that horrible, gut feeling.

The face, a gateway to witness a souls true meaning.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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