• Ellis Unchained

My Big Brother Al Gorithm.

Al Gorithm knows my face, He knows me inside out, He knows what I get on the Internet, He knows where I knock about. Al Gorithm's got my snaps, He know my friends as well, He gets around GDPR, If I've nowt to hide what the hell! Al Gorithm looks after me, There's none he doesn't hack, He's got no problem tracing crooks, But AFTER they've stabbed me in the back! Al Gorithm's above the police, He knows how to keep the law, That's one law for the super rich, Another for us poor. Al Gorithm sorts my tax, My TV license too, Everything he's interlinked, He knows when I'm overdue. Al Gorithm knows my car, He's got my number plate, He knows when I can't face my work, When I stayed up too late! He hides in my computer, He's in my mobile phone, He never let's me off the hook, Like a dog with a digital bone! We're all paying through the nose, For being watched in all we do, The money goes to offshore banks, From so many to so few. Phil Buckley, 15/9/2019. Photo of Ellis Unchained.

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