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Mice in the Attic By b.d

Mice in the attic

Getting tucked into bed

Daddy reading a story.

He started and said

"There once was a mouse

Who had a big house."

All of the words started to seep

Into my mind as I fell asleep.

I dreamed of the mouse from the story

But a lot has changed.

This version was rather gory, so it seemed.

It took place in a range.

The dream was quite wild.

And when I awoke, I knew it couldn't be true.

For I am just a child, and

Nobody would kill me out of the blue.

Except I'm wrong, I just don't know it.

Because people are cruel, and take innocent lives for no reason.

But nothing changes one little bit.

Even though it's an act of treason, nobody cares until a child is dead.

By b.d

Published on All Poetry


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