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Mental Health, Go Away, Please! Awareness, help and Stay!

Hello Fellow Humans, Everyone, Good or bad, happy, or sad. Today I’m going to write as my normal day to day self. Normally when I write my little cantankerous spirit arises. Today will be balanced, I’m giving up the fight, like the way I live to promote wellbeing. This also fits nicely with Mental Health awareness week wrapping up. Hopefully, we can keep the message going and let people know it’s ok to talk, with no judgment. Judgment is personal so other people’s chain of thoughts are none of our concerns, especially when we do not know the personal situation, or what they are thinking. Some days, we may feel judged for an item of clothing we wear, but who knows what the counterpart is thinking. They could be judging themselves based on your appearance, this, in turn, intertwines negative energies, we all know how magnets work. Deep down many people know energies exist, like the times you walk into a situation and you just feel the pressure in the air change. Or the time you sense something bad is going to happen. Most people have ghostly stories, mild or extreme. Sadly, the time you know someone is deeply sad, but appear a million bucks on the outside, this is an issue which aches my heart. Swelling with blood from the change in pressure, a chemical reaction born from thought.

The number one mental health issue today, which affects an unprecedented amount of people is Anxiety. Many people I have spoken openly with about my issues in the past, have all told me that, along with other issues, they also suffer from anxiety. My psychologist gave me great guidance and knowledge in psychology, she respected my decision to drive my own treatment and study the subject. One session, I took along my old psychology book, which I was shocked to find at the bottom of a charity shop basket, one of my favorite exchanges. I had bookmarked a page with a section on Threat. My question after reading this was, why are most of us living in constant flight or fight mode. Our conversation boiled down to the fact that Anxiety is Anger, take a look at the letters, just as Anger is Rage, as before, you need only look at the words. The chemical reaction and the change in heart rate are no different from the lady who has anger management, hulk smashing everything, to the fellow curling up in a ball crying. We must categorise now due to personality traits which are a result of our upbringing. We couldn’t send Natalie the nutter to anger management with fetal position Phil (no judgment, I’ve been both). But Natalie and Phil are in the same boat. The human who Rages is more balanced because that is the closest to the natural impulse, it’s just the timing of her rage, which is the problem. When the alpha lion meets the new lion, they calmly standoff, if a little vocal. Study the lion closely, you notice, they settle their breathing. If one lion backs off, the energy settles and their demeanor returns to normal. The only time we should experience rage is while protecting life. For example, gaining superhuman strength in an emergency to lift something we would normally perceive to be much too heavy. The difference with Phil would be his upbringing has affected him differently, he may have never been exposed to acts of rage or violence. It’s like a windup toy, you can hear the cogs turning but it ceases to move. The lion gives his warning but is still able to walk away peacefully to avoid unnecessary rage and combat. What’s making the emotion anger affect so many people daily? Anger can be reduced with practice just from a focus and regulating the heartbeat, just like the lion. It's no coincidence that when attempting to calm someone down, in most situations, we say, “Breathe, calm down, Breathe,” it works. Balanced breathing has done wonders for me personally. The scientific evidence is rife on this topic. It’s used throughout sports, therapy, the list goes on.

Another emotion which produces a similar chemical reaction to anxiety, is fear. There are multiple debates about fear being the same as anger. This is due to many believing that anxiety and anger are different. We know that most gain their anxiety from fear of some sort, so why would we think it was anything but. One of my big fears was my OCD. If one thing was out of place I’d melt. If my charger was not in the correct place, tied perfectly in my left-handed knot…parallel lines, I’d melt. If I spilt water, I’d diffuse into the water after I melted. This led me to contemplate a sort of Feng Shui way of thinking. I proceeded to keep items and objects in a well-organised manor. I began leaving things out of place deliberately, items that I used regularly. My energy would drift but quickly snap back to the task at hand, when I noticed it, but everything else would still be in place. Imagine the energy flowing freely. I also allowed places of storage to build-up, then have a sort out. As you do this, it will calm the mind as it empties with the decluttering. In the past, I would declutter the whole house if a paper clip was out of place. I wasn’t affected much by fear of bacteria or germ based OCD. I would recommend reading any material on the many different types of good bacteria that keeps the micro world in balance. This helped me with some of my more trivial issues, like the fear of public toilets. As Animals, we possess fear to aid us out of danger. We should not be in a state of fear for most of our day. A lot of fears are programming from imagery or passed down from parents. Take the legendary Steve Irwin’s kids, for example, they aren’t scared of spiders, but the teenager who has only seen the imagery of the situation, is scared. This can be controlled, there are many paid services out there, that will help you over this. You can also find the spiders around the garden and house to do it yourself. Living with irrational fear is a pain in the butt!

Why are we feeling these issues more and more every day? Why are more and more young children suffering from mental health issues? Unfortunately, parents of today, we talk about our children’s anxieties and mental health issues as if they are common colds. We know now that these issues solidify over time and become harder to break. This especially applies if this continues throughout life, intensifying through teenage years, into adulthood. Now it becomes almost the same as feeling hunger. At this stage, the mind cannot cope. If the mind is unhealthy, the body will follow and quickly take over, to protect the mind. Our immune system will weaken, the onset of frequent colds, constant sore throats, poorly operating digestive systems and headaches. It is more than likely that many people can relate to these symptoms. This leads me to believe just how powerful the mind is, and I know for sure, it’s more powerful than we can imagine. If the onset of health conditions stem from thought, why can’t we reverse it in the same way? This theory led me to watch hours of humans who are over 100 years old. Quite a few of them would smoke, drink and eat, they pretty much did what they wanted. A pattern emerged from them, they had a very carefree aura, they possessed an, ‘it is what it is’ attitude. Another key thing I learnt from them was, let go. This concreted my belief of the mind's power. If I have a question, I would always like to ask the eldest. If a trees spoke English, I would like to ask them.

Our emotions are chemical reactions, they are the same as our natural reactions to hunger, thirst and tiredness. The action, the imagery and the situation are all that differ. I chose to act, and things are looking bright. Whilst going against hard wiring from childhood events and through my army career, changing my mental state was the hardest thing I have done in my life. It imploded! During this time, I realised how many vices I had and how many materialistic things meant absolutely nothing. This has been a 5-year journey for me so far and I am loving, loving life. Something I could never have honestly said before. 5 years may seem a long time but for a lifetime of mental suffering, to finally having the rest of my life to look forward to, it is nothing. I know there are people physically forced into these situations, with little or no way out. They have to battle for a home and food before their sanity.

This journey I have travelled has had many steps. This article may make it sound simple, but you must walk through hell first! If you would like to hear the full story, I’m always open for a chat with anyone. The bad, the good, the ugly! Take care, be kind, especially to yourself!

Love and Peace

Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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