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Lost in Fear - By Lisa Johnston

Fight flight as steps stall

With adrenaline pause

And fear so thick, it sticks soles fast to the path

Limbs limp with amygdalin stink

Its reek ripples through the blur of bracken

Small prey flees from its taint

No wish to wake their hunter

Echoes ring in dark auricular hollows

The deep booming rhythm quickens

As breaths are stolen from a throat sucked closed

The undergrowth full of gaping mouths shout mute warnings

And reproachful eyes question each stagger from the familiar

Feet forced to follow unknown trails amongst the green

Whilst pupils widen in search for symbols

Visual data stored as breadcrumb markers

Should panic alarms sound the retreat

Continue upward until muscles scream

Louder than the constant whisper

Yet when new levels are achieved

And in fatigue

Serenity appears

Mind clears

On the plateau of suicide hill

Where two fears meet and greet in contrary isolation

Subdued by the view

By Lisa Johnston



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