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Little Wolf Playing Sheep

This is a second poem from my daughter’s friend, about allowing more phone time. My response below:


The suffering and pain

You have caused is insane

Do you want lacy to cry

So want me to die

So let her be free

Or I Will eat you knees.

My Response:

Little Wolf Playing Sheep

Children of the world starving, clouded in disease.

That’s Insane!

Youths in brick houses with food, who complain.

That’s Insane!

Government zombies will eat your brains,

That’s insane!

That’s more likely to happen before you eat my knees,


If your third eye doesn’t see the bigger picture,

you’ll never see past screens.

Your point would have had more punch,

if the mind wasn’t reprogrammed by devices!

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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