• Ellis Unchained


The Sway of the tree’s delicate movement parts molecules.

The dance of the hand’s wave swirls Oxygen,

amongst traces of nitrogen, neon and helium.

The cell for cells is our body, trillions moving individually.

Own brain, own organs, the organelles,

it’s Minerals they seek.

Atoms abound every little thing, beyond the current scene.

Spiraling unintelligible speeds, electric.

Creating endless energy.

All is created from the elements we speak.

Entirely the same process, smaller than the eye can see.

Where the hell does it end, the microscope cannot see.

Reverse from within, to the Milky Way’s edge,

The Oort cloud will be.

Containing its content, to complete Galaxies.

The sun and its power, nucleus at center.

Comets carrying nutrition, blood to you and me.

The image gets bigger as galaxies join; telescopes can’t see.

Life is one big party; nothing stops to move.

From science to nature, one thing is clear,

We vibrate as one, we’re in this together.

As days become night, wear love with pride.

Think beyond, join together, move side by side.

Improve unified, who knows how deep inside?

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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