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I have a meeting… By Sebastian Melmoth

I have a meeting with a stranger to search how I’m feeling. Connecting, dissecting, searching my mind, it’ll be quite revealing.

Surprised how easy to find speaking to a stranger. Feeling safe, a friendly face this professional exchanger.

Exploring a variety of themes, bereavement, anxiety, low mood, exploring my dreams.

Conversation flows, words of meaning poring out like an open book. Feeling bare, vulnerable, letting my observer peeking in to look.

Making senses of it all clearing the clouds of confusion, in this hour of hope will it have a positive conclusion.

Now in rhythm, the weight of life uplifted. In my stride, the hours up, the hands of time shifted.

Batteries recharged ready to face the world until my next admission. Paying my dues to my soul voyeur a contract in the human condition.

By Sebastian Melmoth

Work of Sebastian Melmoth ©


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