• Ellis Unchained

Have You Got A Conscience!

Hello Western society. Have you got a conscience? Let us delve into the question, if you melt easily, sit in the freezer because this is going to get toasty.

Child slavery is the base, the driving force, bringing your phones to life and your fancy jewellery, while kids are whipped to work for nothing, but fear.

Western society how do you sleep, easy clutching devices and self-pity. We believe we lived through hell, try fitting in shoes of the child servile concubine.

Cobalt, lithium, gold, and silver make nearly all our pointless gadgets, that turn us into selfish zombies, while children are whipped raped, and bombed on a daily basis.

They get nothing, only torture and still make time to smile unlike us pathetic creatures, if you do not like it, go cry a river and go to the doctors.

A long absence from living in society, will boggle your brains, upon on return, you see western society are no longer human, auto-bots we have become.

Keep on pushing for nothing, causes that have no point or only for fame and financial return. This will only fuel the fire, so kids continue to burn!

Get a fudging grip, nation of closet hypocrites, find that real conscience, before there is no return. If this has made you butt hurt, do not comfort eat chocolate!

Cadbury’s have left their fair-trade deal, to join another one, now thousands are not getting paid, that means all the kids slaving, have done it for double nothing. What a damn shame.

As if you give a shit! As you will pay the driving force and for a million, you would do the same.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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