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This Poem was inspired by Daniel Kay, thank you Dan, it was a much-needed reminder. Sunday night, I sat deep in thought, a sudden kick in the chest strikes me and the realisation of how hard this pandemic has been for everyone. This almost brought on an episode for me, which I kept under control. This also reminded me how far I have come, on my personal journey.

Sunday was a bad day but a positive one. An awesome doctor, and I don’t believe there are many, once told me, a bad day amongst many good is a sign of progression. Thank you again Dan for the reminder. Also, I would like to take the time to show my appreciation to everyone whom I’ve connected with, or reconnected with over the last year or so, even if a simple message or a little chat.

I would like to thank the powerhouse in my life, who has gone by many names, Speckle Frog, Jadey Babe, Jade the blade, my minder, my wife and friend. Also, my children, who are part of my galaxy. These are the humans who kept me ticking, when I felt I had nothing to live for.

Believe in what ever you like, it’s okay, everything we believe in now is made up. Times change, theories and facts change too, funnily enough. Be kind, don’t leave anyone behind, especially yourself. Thank you Everyone!


The motion of life’s notions, an obstacle, one life of a billion ego’s, projected from the same oculus. Events, pantomimes, stories, what ever we choose, there will be a beginning, a middle, but never an ending.

Care is fair, the most important way, create and share, caring devours hate and differences.

It moulds divides into multiplication, transmits smiles, retunes feelings and manufactures joy for sending.

They made the world so hard, Robert. M kept on fighting, the battle has no need for violence or raining judgment, project happiness and calm, the powers that be would show true colours, they would stop pretending.

The heart is the base of everything, so create whatever feelings you’re thinking, be mindful and present, let love shine through, the brain is only for projecting.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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