• Ellis Unchained

Had to Stop!

Hello, I am Open mind,

I always thought it was, an open mind.

One day I realised it was, a closed mind.

Holy smokes, the door was huge… mind,

Here’ a little story from behind the doors mind.

I once judged as I disliked being judged, crazy mind.

Here is a list provided of my thoughts,

That I thought, were mine.

I love this country… I will die for it.

British I am, proud, get the immigrants out.

I am not eating that veg, I ay Buggs Bunny .

Those lefty benders destroy my soul.

That fellow drinks way too much.

Make some money useless, oxygen thief.

It’s the Muslims, send them all home!

That Farage is a racist, but his views are clear.

I’m not a racist, but…

I guess I’ll join the Infantry, Great Idea!

Once I overdosed on news, spewed up my guts.

Propaganda everywhere, up the walls, looks like fudge.

The minds door burst open!

The thoughts became clear.

Judgement burns in many ways.

So… Just… Stop!

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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