• Ellis Unchained

Graphene Strength, Only Together We Bond

Thermal energy, so vast at the earth’s core.

The sea with the power to erode the world.

Sun soaked, centuries old, thousands of miles the great wall.

The McMahon line, the battle cries hauntingly hardly heard.

Up and down, forever moving, markets of the economy.

Deep sea diving, pearls to be found, prices affect all jewels.

Three verses in, only one can capture all seven point five billion souls.

The other two verses, one divides and the other destroys lives.

Our lives, our thoughts, earth’s crimes,

We are being dragged apart, while the one percent stay strong.

War crimes, being committed by all, the great Hebrew Samson, won freedom.

So why Israel are you now doing the same? You know how it feels.

Was Samson and Jesus’s death and torture in vain,

Do we not learn lessons from the greed of the powerful, draining our veins?

The system is broken, only for us at the bottom.

Why do pedophiles, get less jail than the grafters who dodge tax, a timeless reel.

The men and women who pay no tax and pull all strings,

I wonder how much tax Jimmy Saville paid; who’s shoulders did this man rub against?

Black lives matter, sex slaves, and child slaves too, the media create smoke and mirrors,

Then throw us a bone to chew.

This snowball has grown too colossus to be stopped, we’ve watched it gain momentum.

The way to redemption now, can only be found within us.

A great awakening was nearly upon us,

In timely fashion a virus sank the boat.

Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims all believe in God, as all other religions do,

If not only one, so why can’t we all get along, for once.

Religions have now been replaced with consumerism, providing escapism.

Ism, ism, ism the human being’s metaphorical prison.

The absolute few on this planet, creating these issues, need the innocent souls to feed on.

This is necessary, as their souls have been devoured by demons of the dark.

Light from the sun can be seen in the black of night, it reflects off the moon.

It will always fill out hearts.

We have no enemies, in the streets we walk, only invisible ones.

Who make us believe there are?

Every last human at the bottom of societies pile, respect each other, be kind.

Respect each other’s views, nod, and smile as we pass by.

There’s no need to fight amongst ourselves, listen to your heart.

Let’s all sing together and open our eyes, before we fall apart.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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