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Garden Growing, Plants and Electromotive Force

Good Day Folks, Spring is coming… You might think this article is all about growing vegetables and plants but it's more down the path of science, health and wellbeing. This is my favourite season and a sweet time of year to be preparing the garden for seedlings and chitting potatoes. Getting ready for decent crops of tomatoes, sweetcorn, beetroot, the list goes on. This can even be achieved in small gardens, plants will thrive wherever they must, we should all take a leaf out of their book.

Growing in the Garden for me is a game-changer. In my experience, it reduces stress, makes things around a little tranquil as we are giving life and bringing a more habitable environment for wildlife which is a magical feeling. You can also enjoy nutritionally packed fruit and vegetables, perfectly ripened straight from the plant. Instead of the nutrient lacking, GMO (Genetically modified Organism) grown, with its impeccable uniformity (The shivers one receives from uniformity). I would like to give a little more information on GMO crops, here are some Pros and Cons of GMO.


· Fruit and vegetables will bruise less when dropped or cut.

· More productivity (at the cost of your health and wealth).


· Trigger Allergic Reactions.

· Cause Antibacterial Resistance.

· Possibility of mutated DNA entering the cells or bacteria (Cancer research say it's safe, but they also tell you this).

The GMO crops are being grown by the very same people providing your medication. A lot of this can be avoided when growing your own. Save some money and get moving, light exercise tending to plants. Motion is the lotion, keep moving and keep improving. At the same time, the air will be cleaner around your garden, which leads me to house plants and Chernobyl.

There is a superior plant that is used all around the world, the plant I'm referring to is Hemp, used for making clothes, ropes and biofuel amongst many other wonderful things. The most prominent feature of this plant is that it is a Phytoremediative plant, which most plants are, though the hemp is the powerhouse of toxic filters. For example, Chernobyl was a no go area until the mass planting of hemp around the area. The hemp plant leaches toxins from the soil. A group of five researchers in china conducted experiments with hemp and Cadmium contaminated soil. The plant successfully absorbed all the cadmium. Cadmium is an element found in children's jewellery, recalled McDonald's toys and the seats of the old Arsenal F.C Stadium, Highbury. The Cadmium is highly toxic and causes kidney damage and is linked to cancer (anything that damages or changes cell formation as links to cancer). Most leafy plants have the same Remediation effect, so why not fill your house with house plants and create your clean atmosphere. Free of impurities and heavy metals which leads to EMF (Electromotive Force).

EMF (Electromotive Force) sounds a little off topic, but it all intertwines beautifully with being healthy, reducing heavy metals from the air and reducing radiation. My interest in this subject was originally ignited by a short lecture from 1964 by a United States Air force officer. On oscillators… Boy did it open my Eyes! In a nutshell, the officer taught me how Quartz Crystal, (Elements which make them are silicon and oxygen, plants love silicon to help photosynthesis and help them in transportation of nutrients) can balance a frequency which burst from electrical devices i.e., radio masts, Wifi routers, phones and Weapons. Yes EMF has been weaponised. The effect on these crystals from such devices goes by the name of the Piezoelecrticity effect. The oscillator contains the Quartz or a similar crystal. Quartz is most frequently used as it is mechanically sound (Stronger, more stable).

Moving onto a study which was conducted by the Curie Brother in 1880 explored the Piezoelectricity effect especially on bone… They discovered that bone under pressure exposed to EMF caused the bone to bend and the onset of osteoporosis. Keep in mind our blood cells are created in the bone marrow so this could lead to a damaged immune system. This also made me start pondering radiotherapy. This process pumps EMF out at a ridiculous rate. I have encountered a few people with cancer, some unfortunately passed, although from different backgrounds and with different ways of life. They were diagnosed with type one, which is one part of the body. They accepted the treatments radiotherapy, chemotherapy and so on. They went into remission, only to be told within months that they had type 4, which is deep set, in the blood and bones. Bones do the same job as the Quartz Crystal, but our bones aren't mechanically strong. The word Piezo in Piezoelecrticity derives from the Greek word Piezien which means to squeeze or press. Radiotherapy seems to be fighting evil with evil. How can that end well?

Quartz crystal is in most electronic devices. From the research I have concluded, if there wasn't quartz and similar natural earth minerals in our electrical equipment, we would be in even bigger trouble. We are in the times now where EMF exposure is inevitable. This is a good enough reason for me to reduce this issue. Here are some symptoms of EMF Radiation to get a better idea of the problem.

· Fatigue

· joint & muscle pain

· decreased attention span

· memory loss

· difficulty focusing

· insomnia

These symptoms rang alarm bells in my mind as I linked these issues with people's everyday issues, which a lot of the population are medicating for.

If you've read this far, I hope you can take something from it. It would be nice if this article can inspire you to grow whatever you can, wherever you can, in and around the home. Obtain some Clear Quartz to help balance EMF and acquire some Black Tourmaline which is exceptional at absorbing EMF. Get some nature in the house and cleanse… Love and peace.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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