• Ellis Unchained

Free me bramble (1st piece of Poetry)

Updated: Jun 18

Free me Bramble

Walking through the vapor forest,

Attempting to find the honest.

Searching for a lifetime,

you’ll never find on prime time.

Roads taken are roads downtrodden.

Creatures led to emotional crimes.

I’ll take no path,

Untouched, thick with Vine.

No path, no path it will be.

The journey is difficult,

We must lift those knees.

Hill side with entanglement,

This choice is no breeze.

At whim,

Virgin environment spew grim.

Something stops me in my tracks.

A Bramble snags my bare limb.

O Bramble set me free,

Or is it me who snags the?

With little resistance,

I broke free.

We broke free.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©



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