• Ellis Unchained


Concepts of life, parallel with time, only one created divine.

The other man made, restricting precious minds.

Serpents coil and tighten, paradigms become irrelevant,

Yearning, it is perpetual love, I adhere.

Peace, the flint for hearts fire, burning for togetherness.

Resilience in abundance, for all the animal kingdom,

The eagle’s noble waltz, eyes beckon freedom,

Ferocious the spirit, kind with soft toughness.

Water flow becomes ice cold, it slows as beauty forms.

Bonds of millions bind together, inventing security.

In the warmth, she generates power, filling great catacombs,

Cleansing earth’s crust from decaying lost souls.

Black and white, good and evil, use different tools.

On the other hand, available to all.

Exceptions of one,


Consume before it falls.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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