• Ellis Unchained

Fading Injustice

The British settle in Australia in 1788, how is this to settle, when aborigines were unsettled.

Captain Phillip led boats of convicts who slowly died.

Phillip quotes, there will be no slavery, the prisoners they had taken, some for petty crimes,

Now working for food and what else? Today we call them… slaves.

Photographic evidence portrays a British family, head of the house wielding a whip, surrounded by aboriginal people, caged pigeons waiting for crumbs.

This devilish behavior moves into 1870, British officers accepting so called luxuries of India, being fanned, having pedicures, by you guessed it, slaves.

The British, the evil empire, skip it’s history to 1952, native courts of Sudan, traditions of years and years, now a pompous district commissioner judging their crimes.

The British weren’t pioneers of abolishing slavery, they modernised, to camouflage the horrific actions, which continue today.

Poor Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, now a puppet with the blood of Mary and George running through her veins, purpose and reasons for war drastically changed.

History they let us see, shows that we’ve always been slaves, unfortunately some treated more like dogs, a geographical lottery in ways.

If you’re in debt, work ungodly hours and pay tax of every kind, perhaps this is why we don’t notice the more unfortunate ones, because we are all technically enslaved.

The rulers of the world have always created turds, for the poor, now they have become masters of concealment, with glitter and sprinkles. They cannot polish a turd.

Inspect the Georgian calendar, see how many days we celebrate world suffering, at the hands of those whose blood still reigns today.

A stealthy leap backwards for mankind, hip, hip, hooray, so the memories fade away.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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