• Ellis Unchained

Empathic Weld

Opening of energy channels, of aqueducts flowing thoughts, of not yourself, but all.

Eyes of Hawk’s see pray from miles away, as our hearts view human concern.

If we don’t see pain, a band aid required for the main conscious, the world is all our concern.

We are born empathic, bound by truth and kindness, passion crumbled by society,

a dustpan collects all.

Systematically we compete, our main spirit depletes, emancipation from modern temptation, releases power from the demons in our ear.

Today is the most important, today not tomorrow, nor yesterday. Perennial forbearance will cascade.

Humans are plants, walking the earth, plants are humans, buried in the earth, animals of the kingdom are no different, for sure.

Respect, a moisturiser, would outsell loreal or tilbury’s magic serum, don’t waste your time,

clogging your pores.

Speculation tests one’s patience, release from this notion, perplexed by old ghosts, who you gonna call? Each other.

Walking through life forward, is a must, but we should face backwards to see the inherited light,

we all traveled from.

Romance is dead, no way! I’ll sway and dance, in the rain of love, porn and EastEnders, speak no truths.

If a man falls to his knees, press your hearts together, wrap him tight and levitate to heights, we all deserve.

When a lady feels ugly, project and connect, to the beauty they can’t see, the light of souls, all have the same glow.

Children decoupled from parents, teach them not to judge, Mother nature showers perpetual love.

Tracy Chapman’s revolution sounds like a whisper, let’s start shouting it and stick together, a gorilla glue manifestation.

Compassion, Kindness and Love.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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