• Ellis Unchained

Dehumanization Nation

The human race, an odd bunch, falling off a cliff face, tiny pebbles join more, gaining momentum, to the bottom, tumbling past boulders stubbornly in place. A race from the Olympics, the gold medal at the bottom. Gold that was dug from the earth by slaved workers, jewelry on a wrist or penetrated through a face.

The human race, swirling like the Tasmanian devil, screaming and hissing at everyone that moves, or just passes by, frantically looking for food, as we rummage through Primark hungry for new clothes. The taste of the food is an acquired one, becoming accustomed to the sweet sweat of children who delicately sewed them, a disgrace.

The human race, soar like the Canadian goose, across countries to new destinations, pumping fuel that’s sucked from the earth, it was there for a reason, not for a fool landing in a country. It’s so cheap, pay no mind to the beggars in the markets though, my conscience is clear, not really though, do we really care, clear it’s a no.

The human race loves food like Augustus Gloop loved cake, overindulging, the belly takes over, watch teen titans, Belly bro’s. The Labrador will just swallow whole like a pelican, this is all they know, but we, know better. Food standards taking a dive, why worry? We’ve been eating crap forever. No worries, keep popping medication, they now deliver on the go.

The human race, ruled by emotions, intertwined with money, a deadly concoction. An overdose of communism, disguised as democracy, like zombies consuming brains for survival. Just consume your five a day and meditate, restore your energy and clear the excrement away. Communism has poisoned our way, it’s getting thicker in our veins, put down the spy phones today.

The human race, can you hear me, Enrique, I’m giving in, no chance! My life has only just begun, to move in directions, that make me feel so good. Free from the constraints of today, mental health, violence, judgment and hate, I gave it all the middle finger for the last time, as I’m trying not to swear. Like the magpie, trying not to be an ass, battle on, it can be grey.

Love everyone, even if they can’t love back. Be aware, good people, we were all born with the light, even if you think you’re good, your actions may still not be right.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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