• Ellis Unchained

Dear Professor

Your Quote, no mask there’s blood on your hands,

That’s rich coming from a medical man.

To that end my overpaid puppet friend,

Let’s see who has blood on their hands.

I was never told when starry eyed seeking work,

Join the infantry saturate your hands with red,

In the forces you are drenched in blood rain.

Have you paid taxes during war, which is all the time?

Let’s simplify and dissect indirect blood crimes:

Clothes born from child labour, blood on hands,

Gold and diamonds, slavery gave birth to those,

Precious metal in your phones and cars,

Brings murder of locals also driven from their homes.

Now a direct one dear professor, Mr professional:

Doctors regularly mis-diagnose, death it becomes,

Wrong concoction of medication, death at doors.

Lulls in medical quality and efficiency for profit,

Hands are submerged in the blood of people who trust you.

Wait there’s more it links with the medicine man:

Carcinogenic Maccy’s mechanical engineered chicks,

Cause more death and illness than the flu,

The docs will keep you ticking over, to keep you plodding on,

Corporations profit keep rolling in, they love dancing in red rain.

Mass production of unsafe meat, cancer warnings I’m afraid,

Hand in hand with mass slaughter of innocent life,

So we can get our fix of addictive foods,

Obesity, depression and many more, the side effects of those.

Now our perpetual fixes are easy and at hand,

We sit and watch boats of people kicked back from free land.

They are running from bombs and 5.56mm rounds,

Unfourantely delivery was paid by you and me.

This goes on and on and in circles, it’s clear to see,

Nations of people locked in fear, blinded, sit and wait.

Unknowingly watching reruns of convicted producers movies,

Indirectly funding circles of rapist and pedophiles.

So dear professor, I indirectly think you’re a twat,

Go wash your own hands and think for all.

It may take some scrubbing but, we can wash it away,

I feel for you slightly as you’re vortexed in the politics way.

We all have blood on our hands,

As we simmer in the same pot.

This cattle type factory we live in my fellow humans,

The system we know was built entirely with bloody hands.

Long after COVID-19 becomes forgotten,

Joins the gang of seasonal flu,

Death, destruction, and suffering will 100% continue.

For the benefit of who, we never know, definitely not me and you.

I love you still as one should love one and all.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2021


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