• Ellis Unchained

Dangerous Games!

Here we go again, piling misery, creating divides through terror and pain,

Chaos out the gates of oblivion, a perpetual breeze, does it ever end?

The kingpins you follow freely, surging to new levels by virtue of personal gains.

They sit demonic, feeding and fattening, on the energy you pay.

Are we forgetting the last campaign, maximum fear, now proves lame?

Proof is in the blood pudding, no one genuinely cares.

Operation Julius Caesar, divide and conquer, simple while masses run insane.

Brothers and sisters, you are playing into their hands.

I’m tired and bored of repeating, history repeats itself, it’s time for new campaigns.

Throughout history we fight for them, now each other for the same!

The new I-spy, I mean eye phone, stick it in your orifice, as the world divides and children starve!

For what? Cash, acceptance, a career… oh my, all that work and then we die!

Remember the extraordinary number of deaths from playing these games,

Please remember, we all bleed the same.

Black, white and anything in between, our heart’s beat in rhythm,

At the moment to the tune of misery and pain.

A new tune to waltz to, equalness and love, this does not make you into those heroes,

Portrayed on the screen, sitting pretty while your mind loses control.

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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